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I thought I’d seen the shiny corner of the box in my mum’s wardrobe the previous week and on Christmas day I launched myself straight at it, expecting to lift it fairly easily. The box was unexpectedly heavy, it was slipping, it was smashing, my festive red leg warmers were wet ... The song – with its off-kilter momentum and its theme of shattered dreams – seemed perfectly playlisted for the occasion.

What’s remarkable about it is that – in careening wildly through a gamut of moods from maudlin to euphoric, sentimental to profane, mud-slinging to sincerely devoted in the space of four glorious minutes – it’s seemed perfectly suited to every Christmas since that year.

Easter Monday is an official holiday in the following countries.

Nations on this list indicated as "Eastern Christian" observe Easter according to the Julian Calendar reckoning used in Eastern Christianity, which differs most years from the Gregorian Calendar reckoning used in Western Christianity.

Also, when the calendar date of the feast day of a major saint, e.g., St.

George or the patron saint of a church or one's name day, falls during Holy Week or on Easter Sunday, the saint's day is celebrated on Easter Monday.

Since signing with Hollywood Records in 2002, Burnley has composed five studio albums under the name Breaking Benjamin, two of which have reached platinum and one of which has reached gold in the United States.

Burnley's lyrical content frequently and most recently consists of cryptic, angst-ridden themes that "waffle between being plaintive and aggressive." The singer has the range of a tenor and occasionally utilizes death growls in his singing.

Cornelius Christian’s wife has died on the voyage back over the Atlantic and so he begins his drunken, brawling experience of the big apple in debt to the undertakers who deal with her corpse.

No wonder that in his final week hosting the nation’s best loved breakfast radio show, Terry Wogan said it’s his favourite Christmas song too.

The band behind the song are, of course, The Pogues – a motley crew of Anglo Irish musicians who formed in King’s Cross in 1982, their name being an anglicisation of the Irish 'póg mo thóin’, (“kiss my arse”) and their sound being a bottlesmashing punkification of traditional Irish folk music.

He’s a man on a quest to find “someone with faith in his nobility” but ultimately concludes that “No one will ever give you two indifferent minutes out of their lives to save twenty five million desperate ones in your own.” The plot of Mac Gowan’s ballad diverges from Donleavy’s but retains the Cornelius Christian’s view of New York as “the city that is too rich to laugh at and too lonely and too ruthless to love and where happiness is a big cat with a mouse on a square mile of linoleum”.

Mac Gowan’s tale begins in romantic squalor: Christmas Eve in the drunk tank.

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In ancient times, weddings were based out of commodity, rather than desire or love.

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