Updating selfpopulatingcache example

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When data is written, the cache must be updated with the system-of-record.This results in code that often looks like the following pseudo-code: The cache-as-sor pattern implies using the cache as though it were the primary system-of-record (SOR).

Here's how to call the Factory method once and only once: So, those are the two implementations, each implements either correctness (once and only once) or performance (concurrent puts and gets) but neither accomplishes both simultaneously. The trick is to delay the call to the Factory create method into the future.The write-through pattern mimics the structure of the cache-aside pattern when writing data.The difference is that you must implement the interface and configure the cache for write-through or write-behind.package contains some applied caching classes which use the core classes to solve everyday caching problems.Two of these are Blocking Cache and Self Populating Cache.

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The upstream system, whether a JSP or velocity page, or interactions with a service layer or database are doing 10 times more work than they need to. It is blocking because all threads requesting the same key wait for the first thread to complete.

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