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Updating linux kernel headers

I upgraded to v3.16.7-ckt8 ( linux-image-3.16.7-031607-lowlatency_3.16.7-031607.2015031‌​11033_amd64.deb) which is running but still no trackpad. All that said, if I get my system up again, I will go direct since I found the terminal commands for rc6 There is a much simpler way of doing this, and it's the way I use.Simply download the Ubuntu Mainline Kernel Updater script and run it from a terminal.This doesn't hide the fact that a process with a specific PID value exists (it can be learned by other means, for example, by "kill -0 $PID"), but it hides a process's UID and GID, which could otherwise be learned by employing stat(2) on a /proc/[pid] directory. Read here for more information about how raw flash devices are different to FTL devices. In a sense, UBI may be compared to the Logical Volume Manager (LVM).(make sure to remove the micro SD after flashing is complete) We can't ship support for everything on release day, so we push out new kernels as fixes, support for new capes, etc are posted on the mainline list.Due to limitations in debian wheezy's userspace, the use of an initramfs, and having firmware builtin to the kernel.

1 Users may not access files and subdirectories inside any /proc/[pid] directories but their own (the /proc/[pid] directories themselves remain visible).

It is a volume management system for raw flash devices which manages multiple logical volumes on a single physical flash device and spreads the I/O load (i.e, wear-leveling) across whole flash chip.

Whereas LVM maps logical sectors to physical sectors, UBI maps logical eraseblocks to physical eraseblocks.

But besides the mapping, UBI implements global wear-leveling and transparent I/O errors handling.

An UBI volume is a set of consecutive logical eraseblocks (LEBs).

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There are 2 types of UBI volumes - dynamic volumes and static volumes.

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