Updating db from xml christian dating wales

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Updating db from xml

This can be an expression that returns a simply typed node, because data() will be used implicitly.If the value is a list of values, the update statement replaces the old value with the list. But it should be enough to get you going in the right direction. Item Group ID", you'll need to adjust for what your unique constraint is.ad 2) php has several libraries which will help creating xml files, for instance you mentioned simplexml - i use it from times to time and works fine.ad 3) again imho is pretty straitforward, easy to understand a use, i would recommed it.Only constants, constant expressions, or variables allowed here. If I insert the same as a string value(the first parameter) and not from a parsed output, it works.

Im in the process of building a backend function in order for someone else to easy update the gallery.

I tried putting the database on my companies server, then downloading it into an // Download data NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWith String:@" Database.sqlite"]; NSData *file Data = [[NSData alloc] init With Contents Of URL:url]; NSLog(@"%@",file Data); // Writes a bunch of 8 character (hex?

) strings // Delete old database NSError *error; NSURL *destination = [app application Documents Directory]; destination = [destination URLBy Appending Path Component:@"my Database"]; destination = [destination URLBy Appending Path Extension:@"sqlite"]; NSLog(@"destination = %@",destination); [[NSFile Manager default Manager] remove Item At Path:[destination path] error:&error]; // Save into correct location [file Data write To URL:destination atomically: YES]; //[NSFile Manager default Manager] create File At Path:[destination path] contents:file Data attributes:nil]; // I also tried this, it doesn't work either.

Serial Number from @Holder One holder where not exists ( select null from dbo.

I would go with the @variable table most of the time.

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i think theres no need to show here how it works...google got a lot of examples.