Traditions that need updating

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Following the failure of the draft convention of June 1980, plans to draw up other conventions, apart from the 3From the mid-1980s, through the ‘legal cooperation working group’, which was set up within the intergovernmental concept of European Political Cooperation (EPC), the concept of a European legal area emerged again.In that context, five conventions were concluded between the by-now twelve Member States of the EC, which were relevant to judicial cooperation in criminal matters.Before, you could perhaps look past Sling TV’s undercooked UX because of the service’s low price point.A guide should alleviate some of the confusion around actually using the product. 1With the entry into force of the Maastricht Treaty on European Union (TEU) on 1 November 1993, judicial cooperation in criminal matters was formally recognized by the EU Member States as a matter of common interest (Art. Previously there had been some activity in this field (at that time, the EC), but it had not as yet proved to be very successful.The ultimate aim was to develop a cooperative framework in which the Member States would provide legal assistance to an even greater degree than in the context of the Council of Europe, where they had mainly cooperated up to that time.Design: Katie Ridder A variety of neutral tones and patterns are layered to create a soft, cozy, elegant master bedroom.To prevent from blocking the views from the room, the furniture is floated in the center of the space.

Rely on a stencil for more intricate patterns like trellis, damask or Greek key.

But in all honesty, it’s pretty easy to believe that customers have been asking for a traditional electronic programming guide (EPG) that’s similar to what you’d find on a basic cable box.

Sling TV’s interface has always been under-developed and somewhat befuddling to subscribers.

Design: Carey Karlan Hand-painted detailing on the walls combine with a geometric-patterned rug and ikat chair fabric in this funky dining room.

Trim painted in a robin's egg blue balances the layering of patterns to keep the space fresh.

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