Sedating dog acepromazine

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Sedating dog acepromazine

We recommend 0.012 – 0.09 mg/lb with an upper limit of 3 mg total.

When injected IM a slightly higher dose of 0.046 – 0.11 mg/lb can be used, again with an upper limit of 3 mg.

Given that fireworks and thunderstorm phobias are, at their core, noise phobias, you can see where this would definitely not be a desirable effect for the drug being used presumably to treat these conditions.

Imagine you’re on the surgical table getting ready to have one of your kidneys removed — a procedure you’re not likely excited about to begin with.

When using acepromazine tablets to treat dogs the usual dosage is 0.25 – 1 mg/lb.

This may be reduced to avoid hypotension when opiates are also being given. Injectable: The Prom Ace package insert recommends a dosage of 0.25 – 0.5 mg/lb by injection, but many vets prefer a smaller dose.

It was used on humans during the 1950s as an antipsychotic, but is now almost exclusively used on animals as a sedative and antiemetic.

Various medications have been tried with limited success.

It is important to remember that with many tranquilizers, the drugs help the patient to be tranquil or calm when all is well, but have no sedative effect when the animal is stimulated.

It is used widely in horses as a pre-anesthetic sedative and has been shown to reduce anesthesia related death.

The clinical pharmacology of acepromazine is similar to that of other phenothiazine derived anti-psychotic agents.

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