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The roundup of this week's reality TV The dating game: The topic of dating was unavoidable for Caitlyn Jenner on I Am Cait this week as she was pelted with inquiries from all angles.

But on average, long-distance couples see each other 1.5 times a month, according to center statistics.With powerful forces -- such as the Internet and a 24/7 work world -- exerting influence on our passions, surprising trends are springing up on the romance front.In a landscape of dual careers, Internet romances, and globalization, the long-distance marriage is growing in numbers. S., long-distance marriages increased by 23% between 20, according to census figures analyzed by the Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships.He didn’t seem too keen on the idea and when things got awkward, Caitlyn joked it off. Cait wasn’t feeling the atmosphere, nor was she interested in opening the Pandora’s Box of dating just yet.Despite admitting that her interest lies inherently with females and that life would be more fun if she had someone to go through it with, Cait was confused with what she was really looking for in a partner.


Then she started acting as a stand-up comedian in The Laugh Factory and The Improv among the venues.