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Argentina may be famous for its pampas (lowlands), ranching, beef, and of course gauchos (cowboys, such as the one above and those in the video below).

Without Chad around to eat raw sweet potatoes or do pull-ups with luggage chained to him, the rest of episode is pretty predictable – even with two rose ceremonies.“My understanding of it,” coach Oscar Tabarez told La Celeste Blog in 2011, “[is that] it pertains to a player not giving up, regardless of the opponent, by displaying a certain type of rebelliousness which has occurred many times in our football.” Many of the current side of have been showing that rebelliousness to great effect, dating back to the team’s semifinal finish at World Cup 2010, though an aging side has been complemented by the likes of Jose Gimenez. The Barcelona star returns to a major international competition for the first time since earning a nine-match international ban for his now infamous bite on Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini at the 2014 World Cup.Uruguay’s all-time top scorer was a huge loss at last year’s Copa, but Uruguay will hope his unplanned off-season break in 2015 will benefit a player who had competed at a major international tournament every year since 2010.There were three things that brought us to Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital: One was our relationship with the country’s current chief rabbi, Rabbi Ben-Tzion Spitz.Second was our close friendship with the former chief rabbi, Rabbi Eliyahu Birnbaum.

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Tradition is often cited as the only plausible explanation for such a remarkable run of over-achievement, with every generation desperate to live up its illustrious predecessors.

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