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Of course, a nine-figure net worth, global superstardom and a buddy whose babysitter just happens to be an international super model helps. Now, I just have to get my neighbor to fire little Betsy who babysits his kids every Friday to pay for her new cell phone, and coax him to seek out new help through the pages of the Spring Vikki Secrets catalog. As much as the enjoyable stench of beer, smoke and sweat makes a bar or club the ideal place to take your special lady, why not be a gentleman and show her the true gentleman’s game?It’s not just Tiger who’s made it acceptable for women to consider polo-clad warriors. It’ll be refreshing in more ways than one for the girl who’s been taken on the same date of dinner and dancing more repeatedly than Anna Kournikova flip-flops between hockey players.Golfers are not fazed by pressure situations because they’ve been in them many times. Golf is the only sport where you face a 50-foot double-breaking downhill putt on the final hole of a hotly contested match with your brother-in-law, the one who is always coughing in your backswing.Nothing that will happen on your date will upset them after that.3. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a first date at a coffee shop, pretending to look at your phone while ordering your third Cafè Macchiato because they are late. golf course Thursday with a very attractive blonde -- and we're told it's "Baywatch" actress Kelly Rohrbach.Witnesses tell us Rodgers and Rohrbach appeared to be holding hands and looked flirty -- until they noticed people watching them.

He’s made it clear once and for all: the golfer can in fact get the girl. Since the golfer’s stigma isn’t entirely dorky anymore, why not start using the mysterious allure of golf on the opposite sex?Phil Mickelson tied the knot with former Phoenix Suns cheerleader Amy Mc Bride several years back . It’s also been said you can find out more about a person through a single four-hour round of golf than a month of dinners. Don’t take her to golf’s version of Steak n’ Shake either.You and your partner will garner an infinite amount of knowledge of each other in just one date, giving the relationship some welcomed acceleration. Would you take her to a five-star restaurant the first night? Instead, more like the Outback Steakhouse of courses. So during the round, watch the signals you broadcast to your partner.Even if their excuse that they “ran into traffic” on a day with no cars on the road is somehow valid, you’ve had so much coffee by then you want to race home and paint the house to work off the excess energy.Golfers make it a point to be punctual – they wouldn’t miss a premium tee time if their life depended on it.4. They have traveled many places and met colorful characters on the way.

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Both Rodgers and Rohrbach are avid golfers -- so maybe it was just a platonic trip to the links.

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