Ana ivanovic dating golfer

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Ana ivanovic dating golfer

There have been few women in tennis who have had a great game and court domination to go along with their arresting looks.There was Gabriela Sabatini, there is Maria Sharapova but Ana is someone who is also regarded among tennis fans as being one of the most pleasing personalities on the tour.The simplest approach to avoid this problem is to continue to use the Facebook app but not use the in-app browser.Ana Ivanovic has finally found an exciting love partner in Germany's World Cup hero Bastian Schweinsteiger.And in the past we had Anna Kournikova dating a few NHL players as well as Martina Hingis dating ATP tour tennis players as well as dating a hockeyplayer. And we both have to admit that it feels good to be around each other again.The past has taught me that if you really are set out to achieve something then you can do it if you work on it.And reminiscing over the good old times when miniature golf was the only thing we cared about.

Although reports thereafter suggested that Schweinsteiger had reconciled with his seven-year model girlfriend Sarah Brandner, the German international's love for Ana is now being taken seriously by the Serbian media.

The burly midfielder recently flew in to Belgrade to celebrate his love and former World No. According to a report in Belgrade tabloid Kurir, Schweinsteiger is so smitten by Ana that he went out of his way to be present on her 27th birthday celebrations in the Serbian capital on November 6.

He even tried to ward off paparazzi to ensure much was not made of his presence.

I am not sure if she is making the right move here but I’ll be damned if media starts making an amalgam of their names.

Rory Mc Ilroy and Caroline Wozniacki started dating in 2011, the same year Mc Ilroy won the U. Caroline Wozniacki caddies for Rory Mc Ilroy during the 2013 Par-3 Contest before the Masters.

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And besides it seems to be the neverending trend on the WTA Tour to date famous sportmen.